practicing witchcraft

People that are practicing witchcraft often wonder how they can know if they are doing crafting the right way. They want to make sure that all of the effort that they are putting into their magic is working. No one wants to feel like they are doing something and never seeing the results that they want.

Doing Crafting Right

Who can really tell you what the right kind of crafting is? People always have different opinions on how things should be done, and one person will say this way, and someone will come along and say that way is wrong, and this way is right. Even though what they are both saying is right, people will never agree on what is the right way.

A witch that thinks that blowing out your candle will make the spell not work can be right but so can the witch that believes that blowing out your candles can make the energy stronger. Who is right, the witch that uses a black candle to manifest things or one that thinks it has to be a white candle? You have to look at the different cultures and the different ideas and types of witchcraft to see where they are all coming from.

Stop Asking About the Right Way

One of the best things that you can do as a witch is to figure out that there is no right or wrong way to do crafting. This is something that has been around for years and years and there are different traditions of magic from Voodoo to hoodoo to Feri and more. There are many different ways and kinds of magic you can do.

You have to learn to stop thinking of magic as right or wrong and then look at the methodologies of magic and see how important that they are to you. You can expect that spells will work but thinking that they will fail if you don’t do it a certain way is not a very effective way to do magic. You can look at different traditions and see how spell works differ. Some will use herbs or plants and others will use candles or sigil to make their magic work. There is no real right or wrong way.

There is no point in labeling magic as right or wrong because there are different types of magic that have worked for many people over the years.

Results Matter

What really matters is what kind of results that you get. When you do magic right, it means that it is working. It should be the only thing that you look at to see if your magic is done right. Stop carrying about what color the candle is and if you said the right chant with the right lunar conditions, as long as it is working then it is right.

It would be hypocritical for you to tell someone that they are doing something wrong if their magic is working or just because you are doing it a different way. Magic is something that changes as your life changes, and you find ways to cast spells so that you can make something happen. This can be getting new relationships or making more money or even helping someone feel better. There are so many different things you can do with magic.

No witchcraft takes a test to pass and become a witch and so no one should be judging how your magic goes. There is no group of people that are going to come to you and take away your spell casting because you did something different. Magic is great because you don’t have anyone telling you what to do or how to do it.

This is a way that you can get your own power and you can make your own decisions and do magic that works for you. This means you need to stop caring so much what other people think about your magic and do what you can to keep getting results.

Make Your Results Important

You need to look at getting results and stop worrying what other people are saying about how you do your magic. This will help you to change your magic in ways that will help you to be more effective over time. You will become better at knowing what works and what doesn’t work.


One way that you can look at your magic and see what is working is by writing in your journal of the progress that you make. You can use your grimoire to help you, and this can help you if you need to be more organized.

Keep track of all parts of your magic, what spells you do and what is working. If you do something different, write it down and see how it worked. You can even write a few days later and see how you felt after you did the spell.


Write down your results and what worked for you. You need to be devoted to writing in your journal and always add things such as images or diagrams that you have used with that spell so that you can remember them later. You can even take a page of notes to track all of the results that happened along the way.

A few days or weeks later, go back and look at the spell. If you are doing a money spell, track how much money comes into your life and how it got there. Maybe you got a gift from a relative or you found money laying around. Keep track of all the time that you found money and how much. Then go back and see how successful the spell was for you.

Review the Notes

Later, you will want to go back and look at all of the notes that you took. You can do this after you have done so much magic and you can see how effective your spells have been.

Look at the data and analyze it with how you are doing your magic or not. Put things into categories so that you can find them better. Find spells that have things in common.

Writing in your journal can tell you all kinds of things about yourself and your magic. There are different kinds of magic that you can try out and see if you find any new ways to do magic that you love. You might want to practice spells that you were never good at and change things up a little bit to see if they work better.

Try things out such as candles, herbs, plants, sigils, and other things and see how it changes the progress of your spells.

Look at your spells and see what kind of tools you have used and what kind of ingredients have worked the best with you. If there is an herb or plant that you have around you that you haven’t ever used, try adding it to your magic and see what happens. You can even use different things to replace things you use and see the results.

Find out if there is anything that seems to work best for you and put that in a category of its own so that you can know what you can depend on when you are doing magic. Look at the spells that worked for you and review them and keep them organized so that you can keep up with your method.


Once you review things, go back, and try something else for the same spell. Try to replace one of the herbs with another and see if the spell works or fails. You can try to do different signs or sigils and replace ones that you had used before just to see how your magic works. As you learn you will find what is effective in your magic.

As you keep up with your notes and information, change things around and record your progress in your journal again and see what you come up with. This allows you to have more knowledge when you need to go back and get better results. This is the whole point of doing magic so that you can get good results.

Up your magical learning and instead of just settling for one thing, find new things that are effective. Try new things and keep notes and you will see that you can create a magical practice that will help you to get more strength as a witch and then you can get the results that you were hoping to see.