Do you like dragonfly or are you scared of it’s wide eyes? Why do you suddenly see a dragonfly? When you spot a dragonfly you are witnessing a beautiful being who is a master of change, adaptability, and metamorphosis. He represents spiritual growth through change and transformation. Those who identify with the dragonfly often possess many unique abilities and are often the big bringers of change in their immediate worlds and beyond, but that is not the only meaning of a dragonfly sighting.


To understand the symbolism of the dragonfly, it’s helpful to know how unique they are in the physical sense. Much like a butterfly, these masters of flight and flexibility are born in one form and transform into another. The dragonfly is born first as a nymph who lives in water for years at a time. Some say three years; others say five. During this time, he can molt between 9 – 17 times. Then, he transforms and evolves into the flying wonder we see today. However, very little of a dragonfly’s life is actually spent flying through the open air. When you have a dragonfly sighting, you are seeing a symbol from Spirit to live in the moment and make the most of the time you have.

Dragonflies can see in 360-degree angles—another clue from Spirit to open your eyes and to see beyond limitations. Each of their four wings works independently. They go up, down, backward, and forward at any axis, which makes for some unique maneuvers. This allows the dragonfly to fly in any direction and at a speed of up to 30 miles per hour. Even at that speed, they can make hairpin turns or suddenly stop and hover. From the time they’re born, dragonflies are constant vehicles of change and transformation. They would have to be in order to have been on this planet even before the dinosaurs.

If the Dragonfly is Your Spirit Animal

Your spirit or totem animal is one that you identify with in a spiritual sense. Some say that we don’t pick our spirit animals—they pick us. The dragonfly symbolizes change and light. If the dragonfly is your spirit animal, you are likely someone who looks deep into the emotional and spiritual meaning of things.

Messages From the Spirit World

If you just think dragonflies are cool and don’t necessarily connect with their energy, but all of the sudden you seem to have one or two pestering you, it could be a message from Spirit that you should “lighten up” and live each moment with joy. In other words, a dragonfly sighting is a message that you worry too much about the future and don’t live in the moment. You need to stop, “hover,” and enjoy the moment you’re in. In the larger sense, a dragonfly can be a symbol that you need to be open to change in your life—to see life as a journey.

Symbols and messages can come to us in many ways. Of course, if you’re near water or a pool, seeing a dragonfly might not be unusual. But what if you were in the middle of the desert or another inland destination? You might see a sign that says “The Dragonfly Inn,” or the symbol of a dragonfly on a bottle of wine or water. You may even see a dragonfly in your dreams. If you see these symbols and make a spiritual connection, then the message is for you. You just need to be open to the meaning of your dragonfly sighting and what it’s saying to you.

Because our loved ones who have crossed over can often send bugs, birds, small animals and the like as messengers to let the living know that they are okay on the other side, the dragonfly can often show up as a spiritual messenger. Spirit often uses vehicles that are small, unique, and bright in color, and the dragonfly is thought to be a traveler of dimensions and realities, making him the perfect candidate.

Native American Symbolism

Native American cultures, though varying, are all rich in symbolism and tales of spirit animals. Many Native nations associate the dragonfly with healing and shamanism and consider the dragonfly the regenerative and protective force of Spirit.

The dragonfly is a medicine animal to the Hopi and Pueblo tribes, who feel he holds the powers of healing and transformation. Because of this, killing a dragonfly is taboo in the Pueblo traditions. Many North American tribes use rattles in healing ceremonies and during prayers for abundance and rain, and since the dragonfly has a connection to water, its likeness often adorns rattles used in healing rituals and ceremonies. Ceremonial rattles are also used for cleansing and purifying or when seeking guidance from the Great Spirit, and of course, to give thanks.

Is the dragonfly your spirit animal? What does a dragonfly sighting mean to you?