Does healing your body and mind interest you?

The manner in which we deal with physical or emotional pain matters a lot. I advise individuals to acknowledge themselves rather than try to be who they are not; someone finding it difficult to deal with everyday life provocations. Is something not working now that you suffering so much at the moment?

A lot of individuals are ignorant of self-instincts that are usually an indication of change. We shift blames unto other people and awe why we experience pain. Instead of rectifying our bad behaviors we continue engaging them.

“Let me hate, gossip, fear, and rage at things, people and God. I criticize whom I wish. Let me steal and be as cheap as a nickel! Yet PLEASE, don’t make me accountable for my words and actions. Let me ignore nutrition and eat junk, but please make me healthy, happy and abundant!” An insane wish!

We only reap what we sowed. We cannot hope for positive outcomes while we keep engaging in negativity.

Indistinguishable experiences and events continue to be realized due to our inability to dealing with negativity. Hence the excruciating question “Why is this happening to me……Again?!”

Unleashing accumulated negativity is the only way to be peaceful. It is only after that the body can make use of its powers to reconstruct.

The most important liberating process is True forgiveness. It widens your mindset and releases disastrous vitalities from inside. Having a better understanding of forgiveness makes it difficult for you to forgive someone again. Forgiveness doesn’t mean you excuse anyone for their wrongdoings but its meaning in Aramaic is “to cancel, untie or let loose.” It is a mechanism for mindset changing.

To alleviate is to pinpoint disastrous feelings or thoughts that are inside you. Regardless of them appearing to be caused by somebody else, just acknowledge them.

Your thinking is a reflection of your mind and its realities which later reflects the vitalities within your body.

You can be happy and have freedom by considering the following steps. Be ready to account for your thoughts, feelings, and realities. Deal with disastrous vitalities. Remember this is your life. A chance has been given to you to heal take advantage of that. Have that soft spot to forgive.