Being an empath can be a very powerful thing, yet it can be challenging. This gift can leave you overly emotional and can cause you to feel burdened. There are things that you can see that are beneficial about being an empath and the gift can be amazing.


An empath is someone that feels the feelings and emotions of people around them. When someone is hurting or suffering, the empath can feel these feelings. This person is strongly tuned into the surroundings and everyone that is around them.

Empaths know when emotions can change, and it can be very stressful to them. They will know based on the smells and the feelings in the crowd.

Being an empath can be hard, but it is also rewarding.


Being an empath means that you have strong intuition. When you pick up the emotions of other people, you have to know if the feelings are yours or someone else’s.

Your intuition allows you to know when there are changes that come before you so that you can know the emotions around you. These are things that will be communicated to you.

You will be able to know when someone is not honest and when someone is lying to you.


Empaths are people that are very creative. You might be able to paint pictures or write stories. The universe gives you this gift so that it can be an outlet for your emotions.

If you don’t work in a creative field, find a hobby that allows you to express yourself.


People that are empaths are very kind and helpful people. They have very few friends and they love the people in their life beyond words.

They will be helpful to those around them and if you learn to trust them, you will see that they are there to share their skills with you. An empath is a very good listener and can help you in all ways.


Empaths are very compassionate people. Since they understand your emotions, they have feelings for you as well. They are drawn to people that they can help and to those that are unhappy.

They want to comfort people and to help them not to suffer.


Empaths are very aware of what is going on around them. They know when emotions change and when the atmosphere becomes different.

These people are able to know when situations are dangerous, and they can feel the energies of the room. An empath will know if something isn’t right and if they need to leave.


Empaths are often healers. They can feel the pain and emotions of others and so they are able to have insight as to what someone needs.

They can hear and understand, and this can help others to heal.


Empaths are able to know the emotions and feelings of people around them. They know people better than they know themselves sometimes.

When someone is happy or excited, an empath feels this. This can bring joy to them. But the same happens when someone is sad or upset and it can cause an emotional roller coaster sometimes.


Another thing an empath can do is feel the feelings of others. They feel it so deeply that sometimes they worry that they are the ones that are feeling it.

When the emotions are happy, they feel them and the same when there is stress or sadness.


Empaths are people that do not want to be in fake relationships. They want to be with people that bring meaning and peace in their lives.

An empath will understand you and be very compassionate and this can help them to be able to find people that are good in their lives.

Alone Time

An empath will enjoy being time alone to understand their feelings and emotions. They have to often spend time alone so that they can realize if the emotions are theirs or someone else’s.

An empath relies on their intuition and so when they get rest, they are able to recharge and be stronger than ever.


Being an empath can be challenging at times, but it can also benefit you. If you find that you are struggling with being an empath, talk to someone that can help you through your emotions and help you to be stronger.