Are You Psychic?

Are you someone that is always picking up on things and you wonder if you are a psychic? Some people have very strong intuition, and they find that what they seem to know is more than just having a gut feeling.

Having any of the clair gifts such as clairsentience, clairvoyance, clairaudience or claircognizance is part of the psychic gifting that many people have. Here are some ways that you can know if you are a psychic or not:

Finding the Signs

Read on to find out if you have signs that show that you might really be a psychic:

Déjà vu

Some people experience déjà vu on an everyday basis. They will go places and have a feeling that they have been there, or they will feel that they are reliving a moment in their past. This can mean that you are in a place where you are but that your mind and spirit relate to a past spiritual experience.

Those that are psychic often experience déjà vu more than other people. Have you ever felt like you were familiar with someone that you don’t recall ever meeting? You may be psychic.

Understanding Energies

When you walk in a room and you know if someone is sad or sick, chances are that you are picking up on energies that this person is having. There is a chance that you are psychic.

Those that are psychic will often be sensitive to the energies around them and they will be able to know when something is off or when someone is sick or feeling upset. This happens because psychics have a strong vibrational frequency, and they operate on a spiritual plane that is stronger than others.

Reading Minds

Psychic people are often able to know what someone is thinking before they even talk. This can be someone that you have seen or someone that you are thinking about. When you talk to someone and you already know what they are going to say, chances are that you are reading their mind.

You might have people that come to you with their problems or ask you questions about your intuition so that you can guide them. This is a big sign that you have the gift.

Knowing Things

Psychics just seem to know things. They have strong intuition, and they just seem to know things without someone telling them. This becomes part of their reality and allows them to have an inner knowing that is beyond the earth.

You will have people that are always questioning this, and you might not have a logical reason as to why you are able to know this. This can be knowledge that is given to you from the universe.

Feelings and Emotions

A person that is psychic can often know and feel the emotions of others. If someone tells you that they are happy, you will know if this is true or not. You might also be able to tell if someone is lying to you or being honest.

People that are psychic and can pick up emotions are often called empaths. These people are very sensitive to emotions and feelings around them.

Gut Feeling

Having a strong gut feeling can help you to know if something bad is about to happen. This is intuition and those that are psychic have strong intuition. This is there to guide you.

Sometimes you might find that people come to you and ask you things so that you can guide them down the right path. Help them because you have a gift with the energies to be able to be a healer.


People that are psychic will often have very strong dreams. These dreams can be very real and can be very vivid.

This is information that comes to you through dreams so that you can guide people or so that you can know what is going to happen. Some people have dreams that are so vivid that they aren’t sure if they are dreaming or if it is really happening.

Other psychics will have visions that area like dreams and the dreams can even come in different forms.

Knowing the Future

Psychics often have precognitive gifts. This means that they are able to see what is going to happen in the future. This can come in the form of visions or in other ways.

Some people with this gift are able to connect with their own past and to know what has happened to them even in a past life. The more you tune into this ability, the stronger your feelings will be about what you are seeing.

Aura Energy

Aura energy is something that a psychic can sometimes see. If you are a psychic that can read auras, you will be able to know what someone is feeling and if they are healthy or not. A person that can read auras can see the aura around others without using a special camera.

Look at people and see if you see colors surrounding people that you know or people that you don’t know. See if you can read your own aura.

Hearing and Feeling Angels

Do you know that you have angel guides around you? Can you see them and feel them? Maybe you are standing in your room, and you feel someone walk by or you feel a breeze going behind you.

You might even feel your angels touch you or even talk to you. You will know if you have a calm spirit that surrounds you or if it is something negative.

Receiving Messages

Some psychics are able to hear and receive messages from angels and other spirit guides. They can pay attention to the signs around them and know when someone is trying to communicate with them.

You can form a strong bond with your guides and angels and then you will be able to get these messages whenever they want to send them to you. These messages can come in the form or coincidences, signs, music, synchronicities and more.

Seeing Things

People that wonder if they are psychic will sometimes experience seeing things out of the corner of their eyes when nothing is there.

This can happen when the third eye opens and when you are open to your gifts. If you feel that someone is in the room with you or someone is watching you, this can mean you are experiencing someone from a different spiritual realm trying to reach you.

Loving Animals

Most psychics will have a strong bond with animals that is different than other people. The animals will be able to communicate with you and you will know if they are scared, happy or if they are anxious about something.

When you can understand animals in a strong way, this can be a sign that you are psychic. Animals are there to guide you so pay attention to them.

Final Thoughts

People that are psychic are able to get and receive signs from the universe. Sometimes, you can connect with spirits, animals and more. Pay attention to the different signs that you have and know that whatever gifts that you have, they are given to make you special.