Thursday , September 20 2018
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Tips To Follow In Enhancing Your Psychic Skills

Psychics are all different with abilities and powers. They each have different skills, different gifts, and different experiences. Working professionally as a psychic requires a specific set of skills, including such mundane abilities as customer service, good communication, self-discipline, and time management. Not everybody has the ability to work as …

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Did I Make The Right Choice?

   There comes a time that you will ask yourself: What if made a different Choice? What if i followed my heart before? What if i didn’t let it happen? What ifs… So many what ifs.. and that will lead you to asking yourself, Did i make the right choice? I …

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Steps to Follow When You’re Feeling Lost

So, What do you do when you feel lost, empty, confused… Easy! First step: don’t do anything. Not doing something is, in fact, an action. I’d often give my life-coaching clients who were feeling totally lost and confused this practice: take a week-long sabbatical. No internet, no email, no social …

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