Being an Old Soul

There are many people that are considered outcasts or someone that always seems to be different than other people.  Maybe this person isolates themselves or maybe they won’t share who they are or allow you to get to know them.

These people are unique and different and the reason that they are different isn’t because they have something wrong with them or because they have some disorder, they are different because they are an old soul.  An old soul is someone that walks alone in life because they have a different way of being fulfilled.

Here are some ways that you know if you are an old soul:

Being Alone

When a person is a certain age, they want to be around people, but an old soul is different.  They are not interested in making friend and it is hard for them to do so.  Even if they have a relationship, they tend to keep the same one for years.  They would rather do their own things.

Life is Short

When you understand death and life, you understand that life is fragile, and it is short.  You can sometimes get depressed over this and this means you love life more than other people.  You appreciate life and love everything about it.


Old souls love to learn new things and old things.  They work hard to know whatever they can know and to learn from their experiences.  Knowledge is a power that they have, and they can spend time learning as long as they can.  They love to read and hear stories.


An old soul will want to be sensitive to the spirits around them.  They are more mature than other people and they want to be peaceful.  They enjoy being taught about spiritual teachings and to be disciplined in their studies.  They love the spiritual world.


An old soul thinks deeply about things and they will reflect on their surroundings.  They learn valuable lessons by paying attention and this makes them seem older.


Most old souls will not be followers.  They don’t want to do what other people are doing and they want to have answer to questions and learn things on their own.

An old soul is not afraid to do something different than the majority and they enjoy that time to be alone and do not care about standing out.

Fitting In

When a child grows up, he or she usually wants to fit in, but not an old soul.  An old soul does not care if they fit in or not.  They usually hang out with the adults and want to learn new things.


An old soul does not care about earthly things.  They know that things on earth can be replaced and they don’t really care for these things.