The Four Types of Spirt Forms

Life is a cycle from birth to death to rebirth in a new body.  Life involve a sacred and unwavering transition from spirit form into human form and then back to spirit.  With the help of mediums, we have discovered that there are four distinct types of spirits that deceased loved ones become.

  1. Newly Transitioned

This spirit type can stay close to corporal beings or locations.  Animals can easily sense these beings.  The Newly Transitions’ state of awareness can greatly influence how they seek to connect with the living.  For example, a beloved grandfather who loved to garden could send smells of dirt or images of juicy tomatoes to their grandchildren.

  1. Aware Ones

These spirits are aware of their “death.”  They can appear to loved ones as a guide, spiritual guardian.  They enjoy conversing with mediums to help educated the living on the rich world of the great beyond.  Aware Ones have vibrant connections with other deceased people, but seek to provide comfort and guidance to the living.

  1. Angelic Beings

Angelics are confident and accomplished spirits that enjoy intervening in earthly matters.  They work tirelessly to prevent tragedies and pain.  Consider how you might be on your last few gallons of gas, and suddenly a gas station appears.  This is angelic aid.  Other times assistance might come in the form of a voice warning you not to take a certain turn, for you only to later discovered you could have been involved in a massive accident on that particular road.

  1. Returning Ones

These spirits have done their celestial work and now are ready to return to Earth.  Perhaps they are coming back to Earth to learn a critical new life lesson, or connect with a soul with whom they have unfinished business.  A medium once told us of a client who was told by a dying uncle that they would see them again soon.  A year later the client called back to inform the medium the uncle had returned in the form of his granddaughter, who even as a baby had the same eyes.  It took only mere minutes for the grandniece and the client to look at each other because the previous connection reignited itself.  This only goes to show the public that death is not permanent, just a transition.  Bonds we forge in life never leave and can only grow stronger in future incarnations.